Some words about this lake. Great Yarovoye Lake was formed in Western Siberia between Russia and Kazakhstan, not far from China and Mongolia. The average summer weather is up to 35°C, and winter temperatures are low enough for ice to be 60 cm thick. Only unique types of Artemia can survive in these severe conditions with such temperature difference.

Siberian Artemia contains a maximal amount of essential amino acids, vitamins, unsaturated fatty acids while forming its cysts. Then this Siberian immunity is transferred to the immature larvae of prawns or fish juveniles. Hardy Artemia produces an unusually strong gene.

Now we know how smart the lake’s ecosystem is arranged. About twenty years local Artemia perfectly survives in “fresh salinity”. It really does.The groundwater influx compensates for the lake's evaporation. When water salinity changes from 13.6% in spring to 15 – 15.2% in summer, a necessary amount of phytoplankton appears and Artemia has enough food and may lay eggs. With a lack of food Artemia doesn’t breed. Cysts are accumulated in the lake and we check and provide favourable conditions for the resistant long-lived population of Artemia. We also supply all our customers around the world with food for the prawns.

The conditions here are truly unique. The lake with crustaceans is under the state protection and research associates’s permanent control. The State and our company both want everything to be ok. We think that careful attention to the lake gives stable long-term results. That's why we can be sure of the reliability of our business.

The lakes are located in ecologically clean areas of Altai region. They are protected by the Government and are a spa recreation area.
Nutritional value
Siberian Artemia grows in very harsh conditions at temperatures from -40 in winter to +40 in summer. So it is necessary to have a very good suply of amino acids, fats and proteins to survive and develop from
The activities of our company are completely legal. It is controlled by the state authorities constantly.
You can control the quality of your day by day from the moment of harvesting to time of drying.
Each batch of product is tested for the majority of known pathogens in the laboratory of the University of Arizona (USA) before being sent to thу client.
Every year we produce more than 600 tons of Artemia. We plan our activities in advance. Our prodiction always works based on the needs of our client all year round. We have our own lakes, Great Yarovoe Lake and Lake Kuchukskoye. The main advantage of these lakes is the stable amount of Artemia production for more than 25 years.
Our company has been working with Artemia for over 25 Years and we try to use the best technologies and experience of world manufactures. We provide technical support to our client from signing a contract to working with our product 24 hours a day.


We will not sell you our products

Till the approval of our meticulous laboratory assistants to do so. They are in charge here because we are focused on improving quality and we are interested in being the leaders in this market.



Artemia Great Yarovoye Lake has prooved its efficiency in the Vietnamese market. Nauplius' beautiful color delights Vietnamese shrimp producers.

Dhiraj, Golden Marine Harvest, India

Our search for High quality and cost effective Artemia ended when we found Arsal Group as our partner for the Indian Market.

On-time delivery

Within 7-20 days (depending on the size of the order) we pack the product into the package you have chosen and prepare it for shippnig. Before shipping, a bacteriological test is done and an international veterinary certificate is obtained.

At the same time we get an export license, prepare customs documents and we need to get an import license. Delivery terms are discussed while drafting a contract and they are based on international standart act - Incoterms. We settle the exact delivery date and discuss allocation of the transport charges and zones of resonsiblities for the transport risks.

We realize that time is money, so we are interested in product shippnig within short timeframes. Usually that is from 1 week - if the product is sent to the regions of Russia (self-delivery or transport company) and up to 3 weeks if it is sent abroad. It can be self-delivery with shipping from our storehouse of delivery to the transporter and then it is taken to you by the plane, merchant ship or motor transport.