Convenient payment schemes

When it comes to figures, we are especially accurate. It is important for us to explain to you that the final price of the product depends on the size of the order, the chosen type of the package and delivery terms.

That was long ago when we worked only with 100% prepayment. Alternative payment schemes (depending on your wishes) can be discussed during the stage of contract drafting and we can find the most convenient conditions for both sides.

There is only one form of payment – cash-free payment.


Sales geography

Sales geography

On-time delivery

Within 7-20 days (depending on the size of the order) we pack the product into the package you have chosen and prepare it for shipping. Before shipping, a bacteriological test is done and an international veterinary certificate is obtained.

At the same time we get an export license, prepare customs documents and we need to get an import license. Delivery terms are discussed while drafting a contract and they are based on international standard act – Incoterms. We settle the exact delivery date and discuss allocation of the transport charges and zones of responsibilities for the transport risks.

We realize that time is money, so we are interested in product shipping within short timeframes. Usually that is from 1 week – if the product is sent to the regions of Russia (self-delivery or transport company) and up to 3 weeks if it is sent abroad. It can be self-delivery with shipping from our storehouse or delivery to the transporter and then it is taken to you by the plane, merchant ship or motor transport.

How to buy Artemia wholesale and not to make a mistake

There are two unquestionable facts.

Firstly, you don’t need to trust just our word. Even though we are sure of our product. We realize that you know almost nothing about us. It is your right to doubt quality of our cysts and how convenient it will be to work with us. It is absolutely normal. If we were you, we would also check everything. Just to be sure.

Secondly, it is interesting for us to work with you. It does not matter if you are a large distributer of various fodders for the aquaculture or a young company producing prawns or valuable fish. We do not have clients which are more or less important for us. For us mutual compliance with the contract’s terms and conditions and honest parity-based business relations are important.

That’s why it does not matter where you are and what company you represent, we will meet your requests and we will be glad to see you at manufacturing site. We will show you the process of collecting cysts and processing of Siberian Artemia on Great Yarovoye Lake.

For the final decision we will provide you with samples of our products and detailed instructions, so you may examine them in your own company and ascertain the rightness of your decision.

But that is not all. Technical assistance by the phone and a technician’s visit if necessary – that is what you get in addition if you buy our Artemia wholesale. Choose the most convenient payment terms and contact us.