Stage 2

Collecting Cysts from the Shore

Wind direction determines where exactly the cysts will be collected. Collecting cysts from the shore is only possible when the wind speed is between 2 and 5 m/s. If it is lower , the cysts will probably be collected from the water basin. If it is higher, there won’t be any cyst collecting at all, as waves will not let us detect the accumulation of cysts. During the whole collecting season Great Yarovoye Lake is checked by the specialists from the Arsal laboratory. We use quad bikes, outboard motorboats for the rides along the shore of the lake.

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Similar to collecting cysts from the water basin, while collecting them from the shore we also check if biomass or hollow shells are present. It is important for the quality control and fishermen know it very well. There is no need to be in a hurry if the main aim of our company is to produce quality product, not to produce more and quicker.

If we find any accumulations, our fishermen put perforated floating booms in the shallow water near the shore. Cysts are brought close to these booms by the wind, and then they are collected by the fishermen with the help of special nets, put into the polypropylene bags and sent to the salt washing.