Stage 3

Salt washing

We start the processing of the Artemia cysts with the salt washing stage. Foreign admixtures and sand are removed from the collected batch in the special workshop at the shore of our lake not far from the berth. For the washing stage we use purified saline water from our lake. During this stage all the Artemia eggs are kept in conditions that are natural and favorable for them which helps to avoid lesion of the shell and decrease of the quality level.

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Collected batch shouldn't be mixed up with other batches, which were collected before or from other places. Eggs with different admixtures are put into the big bubble-agitated reservoir with saline water. Ascending water bubbles agitate the mixture. Heavy admixtures stay at the bottom of the reservoir and purified cysts go upwards. Through the special canals they successively go through two more washing tanks, then they are checked and agitated by the operators of the workshop.

Then with the help of oscillating sieves cysts are separated from the fine admixtures and brine. Washing quality is controlled by the laboratory assistant. He checks the percentage of impurities and if this index is higher than acceptable value, then it is needed to keep washing till the moment when required quality is achieved.

After the washing we take the first samples in order to check the hatching level, the results are registered in the laboratory list-register. Then cysts are packed into the polypropylene bags, the batch is labeled and sent for the temperature activation.