Stage 6

Drying Stage

This is our favorite stage. During this stage, the product gets its dry free-flowing structure. It becomes commercially successful, convenient for the transportation and practical usage. Fluidized-bed furnaces where the product is dried work according to the following principle: dry warm air goes from the bottom under the pressure, and rarefied air is accumulated in the upper part of the furnace. Thus cysts are permanently stirred up with the help of ascending air flows.

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The drying stage is controlled by the workshop assistants and electronics. Every 5-6 hours they check the humidity level of the cysts, as for the terminal product it should be 6-8%. Controlled testing is performed by the Arsal laboratory assistants.

Then we take the ready-made product from the furnaces and leave it for 24 hours to get rid of static electricity, which is the result of air “boiling”. Next stage is product packing and shipping.