Stage 7

Product packing and shipping

After the drying process we separately check all the batches, their hatching and humidity levels. Depending on the germination percent we distribute Artemia cysts into the standard or premium categories.

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We are ready to meet your requests. That is why the type and size of the package depend on the individual requests of your company. We are ready to discuss some other types of package if they are more convenient for your usage and realization beside the standard ones – a metal can, aluminum compound foil, a plastic box or a barrel.

The main task of the package is to protect our product from the humidity and air access. If you would like to sell our product under your trade mark, we can make a package with your logotype and with your corporate identity.

As soon as you have chosen the category, the amount of the product and the type of the package, we sign a contract. Then we start product packing and shipping. At that time we complete the formalities for export and import. As soon as all the documents are ready, we dispatch the product with the transport which is more convenient for you.